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Quozr Badge Projects Introduction
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Any language you on, it's completely free.

Hi guys - We decided to create a badge system that anyone can use.
Furthermore anyone can create these badge systems themselves - as many as you like!

For me these work really well in all of my classes and support differentiation, extension, inquiry & self challenge.  I also want to expose students to both spatial and verbal learning, as we are all different learners, so text, documents, images, videos, sounds.

They are a ready made Rubric. They are perfect for home / distance learning.

These badges can be on any topic/subject.

They can be Public or Private. 

You can share your badgz links with anyone you wish. You can also opt to share your badgz on the public list

Each badge will have a task or tasks associated with it and students should complete the tasks set, then submit their evidence and move on to the next badge.
You do not have to submit evidence, but the functionality is there if you want it..

Any logged in members can fork badgz and use it as a ready made template to amend.
(see the fork badge)

Just like all of the public courses, resources, quizlz and more on quozr - Anyone can see and attempt these badge systems - there is no need to login. 

However, logging into quozr will allow you to create badge systems as well as submit 'live' evidence to the system which is linked in your marks area and teacher's markbook. (if you are in a class)
You do not have to submit or be in a class, but the functionality is there if you want it..

Even if you are not in a class - you can submit evidence for yourself  - the system will keep your links, which you can access at any time. 

If you are not signed in - no problem, simply show or link your work anyway you like, for example show someone, email, printed, use google, 365 etc.

Please click on the other badges for more information and how you can very quickly make your own projects.

Ideas or suggestions? Please contact me @ jon [at]

If you think these are useful - Please Pass it on !


Take a look around.

Sign up if you wish and have a think about how these badgz can enhance your teaching and learning. 

Fork another one and see how easy it is to amend and quickly create your own versions.         

Submit your work


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