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Getting Started With Blogs




Just like this one you are reading.

All logged in members can set up their own blogs from their dashboard.





Once Setup, you can set its visibility.

For example it could be a public or perhaps just be a private blog for yourself.


If you wish you can also share it on the quozr list of shared blogs from the menu






When logged in on your own blog you will see your toolbar like below


Hover over the images for the tooltips.

From Left to Right


  • Change Background colour
  • Open the image uploader for your top picture
  • Open the categories manager
  • Add a new page
  • Edit the current page
  • Delete the page (you will be asked to confirm)
  • Print
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to RTF (Word)





Once on your blog you can easily add, edit and delete blogs and content.

Start by creating categories for blog sections.






You can then add pages and select which category to nest it under.

You can save your blog in edit mode until you are ready to publish it.

Also, specify the order in which the page will be on the menu.



You can upload pictures, documents and create templates that you can save and reuse





You can edit easily at any time...




The pages are exportable to PDF or RTF




Users can add comments if you allow that functionality - You have full control over them. You can delete if you wish.


Give it a try!



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