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About Quozr is a collaborative website, it allows ANY logged in member (teacher, student, anyone else) to create educational resources and much more - Free.


You decide whether to share with just your classes, bespoke groups or the world.


Once created you can have others request to collaborate with you or you request to collaborate with anyone else. This means that many people can create resources, post lessons on your course tree, use the forums for that course and much more.


Anyone can create classes for their courses. Teachers and others (students as well) can easily manage their own classes and bespoke groups. 


You are not tied down to your schools management system, your classes can be both horizontal and vertical. Any bespoke class can be made.


Every class has its own markbook  and full assessment tools.

Quozr is a fully functioning VLE



quozr works by grouping schools by their email domain name - this way individual schools can have a full Learning Management System (LMS) - but moreover, they can collaborate with other member schools easily - as we are all in the same place.



Courses,.live web sites, badge learning systems, shared and personal cloud storage, forums, schemes, lesson plans, dynamic rubrics, calendars, quizlz, polls, revision pages, syllabus checkers, spuzlz, image walls, oozrz, qr codes, ecards, links, videos, brainrz, sign up sheets, protons, online, notebooks, sticklrz, glossaries, gannt charts ++.

We add more features segularly - tell us what you want !


The possibilities are endless and best of all  - it is free


Once logged in, go to 'q-courses' at the top of the page, to start creating and collaborating.


This is an open road project - If you've got any good ideas, let us know and we'll make it!


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