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Quozr Websites
Posted: Monday March 1 2021 02:21 GMT
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Quozr webs are different in that there is no 'point and click' (well a little..) To create your pages you need to hand code your HTML, CSS, JavaScripts & XML(You can paste if you want but the emphasis is on learning)

Here's some samples of how quozr webs are being used.

Demo Page



Throwaway pages


Also this year we have had a number of web completions between schools and individuals and they proved to be great fun as well as a learning opportunity.
More info here...


The interface has been improved and you can now switch between design and html really easily from a 'floating' toolbar.

You could also buy yourself a domain name and point it to your site - Yes that's free hosting right there...


Give them a try guys. Dashboard >> Websites (make as many as you like)



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